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Cliché Making Laser Machine

  Model SK-90/96 

Laser plates making machine is ideal for etching thick 10 mm steel plates. Our experience shows that it gives very print quality. Aslo it is ideal for giving accurate depth. However making half tone process plates is not possible.

Cliché production by means of latest laser technology:

  • Ceramic cliché
  • Hightech-Ceramic cliché
  • Steel cliché
  • record®-Special cliché plates
  • Aloxid-Special cliché plates
  • micro-Laser cliché plates
  • DIGIpress cliché plate
  Model SK 86 E -workstation economy 
This laser is ideal for etching:

ALOXID Clichés *
MICRO - Laser Clichés


  • Compact laser marking station for marking respective processing of different materials like plastics or metals.
  • Excellent price.
  • Performance relation
  • Ready to use (including PC and software)
  • Ideal for production of multicolor-pad printing clichés.
  • Maintenance-free due to air-cooled laser components (no cooling water).
  • Additional special equipment (options) is available.
* Note:

Advantages of Advantages of ALOXID Clichés
ALOXID Clichés are black coated Aluminum plates. Ideal for trails, sampling, mini productions upto 10,000 impressions.

Disadvantages of ALOXID Clichés:
Ideal for Tampoprint sealed ink cup systems (visit www.spinksworld.com/pad-printing-machine.htm for more detail) or any other machines in which the pressure on cups is not very high. Otherwise these plates will wear off very quickly.


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