Cliches Cylinders

Cliches Cylinders:-

We offer cliche cylinders and rubber rollers for all Tampoflex Closure Printing Machines. We have two options of cliches cylinders for Tampoflex machines 100mm x 100mm Hollow cylinders with 9ups in two rows and 150mm x 100mm with 9ups in three rows. Please ask us for offer

Steel clichés/Plates

Steel cliché Cylinders:-

  1. 100mm x 100mm and 150mm x 100mm
  2. High quality steel from Europe
  3. Hollow, so light weight less delivery time as we have stocks
  4. Etched
  5. Very good surface finish almost mirror
  6. We can work an your KAN BAN to build stock
  7. Excellent design studio on MAC's
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Rubber Rollers for Closure Printing Machines:-

  1. White Roller - Hardness 20 shore A
  2. Green Roller - Hardness 40 Shore A
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