Plate Etching by Laser

MINNIE Plate Marker:-

Our Markolaser Minnie - plate marker is a landmark technical feat for pad printing industry.

It is a computerizsed laser plate making system using powerful ND YAG technology and not CO2. Some highlights of this machine are:-

  1. Plates of 10mm (or more) hardened to 58 - 63 HRC can be etched with ease.
  2. Fast and Smooth: The plates can be laser etched very quickly in comparison to chemical etching process.
  3. No Patented or Special plates needed: The beauty of this plates making system is that any steel, aluminum materials can be used. No special materials specially suited for these machines are needed.
  4. Economic Laser:- Our laser is very economic. Please ask for Price immediately. Z-Motions:- Accurate laser beam Z motion digital controller. Depth Control: Very accurate depth and repeatability is achieved 20M (20 Microns) - 30 Microns or more.
  5. Accuracy:- Very accurate designs can be made by laser etching. just for your Idea.
  6. Not CO2;- CO2 lasers will be replaced by this laser due to the fact that CO2 lasers have very thick beam in comparison to ND YAD systems. The accuracy if required for printing very small objects is not very great.
  7. Excellent Service:- Inside India we offer free Training (except Andaman & Nicobar) for three days on operation and setting up plate etching facility.
  8. Online:- We can communicate with our laser and troubleshoot online.
  9. Variable Depths:- on same plates can be acheived easily by choosing suitable parameters.
  10. Placement:- We will provide special fixtures for self centering on cliche plates.These are very accurate and durable.
  11. Marking Area:- 150mm x 150mm. Plates sizes general:
    • 100 x 100 mm
    • 70 x 140 mm
    • 100 x 210 mm
    • 100 x 215 mm
    • 100 x 300 mm
    • 150 x 150 mm
    • 150 x 180 mm
    • 150 x 300 mm