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Type of plates/Clichés

 Excellent Pad printing results are attributed to the following inputs:

Traditionally the plates are generally of thick steel material which is made by a very special process of hardening and etched by chemical milling process. These plates are sized, ground, toughened, lapped, polished  and etched. The whole process cycle take about 25 days. Hence standard sizes are mostly in stock and special clichés/ plates need time.

Standard clichés/ plates sizes

  1. 70   X 100 X 10     mm3

  2. 70   X 140 X 10     mm3

  3. 100 X 100 X 10     mm3

  4. 100 X 210 X 10     mm3

  5. 100 X 215 X 10     mm3

  6. 100 X 250 X 10     mm3

  7. 150 X 200 X 10     mm3

  8. 150 X 300 X 10     mm3

Generally they fit most machines. We use Japanese and German machines for making these plates.

The plates are made in a material contain properties to last at  least 3,00,000 impression but our plates are known to last more than 1.5 million impressions depending on machine, designs, pressure etc.

 A good clichés will need a very accurate depth. The selection of depth is very important. For example if the lines are thin then 18-20 microns are enough but if the design has a patch the depth will need to be increased upto even 30-35 microns.

Printing on ceramic with ceramic colors will require more depth, hence only a specialist with years of experience can make these clichés.

Nowadays the cost of steel has really gone up hence most of companies find the cost of 10mm thick plates very high and they want thin steel plates. We also make thin steel plates, some sizes come in very high surface finish of ra value <0.05 - 0.09 mu. Both are extremely polished surface. The hardness of both type is 50 - 52 HRC.

Generally the following sizes are available

  • 70 X 140 X 0.5 mm

  • 100 X 210 x 0.5 mm

  • 100 X 215 X 0.5 mm

  • 100 X 250 X 0.5 mm

  • 150 X 300 X 0.5 mm

  • 150 X 325 X 0.5 mm

  • 250 X 270 X 0.5 mm

  • 100 X 600 X 0.5 mm

As clichés or plates for pad printing have very high importance hence selection of proper plates or clichés is extremely critical for quality.

Selection of Clichés or Plates- The selection of plates or clichés depends on many requirements:

Based on nature of pad printing jobs

  • Is the need to make clichés for long term production? One design for high mileage. : Thick metal clichés or Ceramic clichés.

  • Is the frequency of change over very high? but each design needs only a few thousand prints, : Thin Micro Clichés/Aloxid clichés or thin metal clichés.

  • Is the production unplanned? Which means clichés by an easy process in-house? : Classic use of POLYMER Clichés.

  • Unique requirement could to print with liquid chocolate on biscuits or candies. You need resistance of clichés to water as the inks are alcohol or water based. Also non toxic effects and high mileage are required. This is a classic example for use of Ceramic clichés.

Based on machines size requirements of clichés
General sizes:  100×100 ×10mm & 70×100×10mm

We are making world class pad printing plates or clichés.

  • Thick steel, clichés/plates.

  • Thick Ceramic /plates.

  • Thin pad printing ALOXID plates.

  • Thin pad printing steel plates.

  • Roller Ceramic for rotary pad printers.

  • Steel Rollers for rotary pad printers.

  • Thin Nylon plates.

Steel clichés/Plates

Steel clichés made of high-quality corrosion-resistant chromium steel (hardness 63 Rc).
For many years, special casting processes and a high percentage of chromium have enabled our steel clichés to win a substantial market share thanks to their quality.
Steel clichés are also largely produced using laser engraving. This innovative technology is something of a novelty on the market.
Extremely high performance can be achieved with no problems.

The “Aloxid-Special” cliché developed by us especially for laser processing is an aluminium cliché with a high-tech anodized coating. It goes without saying that this cliché is also available ready for print.
The line motif is created by removing a layer with the laser system at an extremely accurate engraving depth and contour sharpness.
This cliché is characterized in particular by its peak performance in conjunction with  “hermetic” systems.
For use in all standard tampon printing machines with a special cliché holding plate (non-magnetic) that ensures precisely tailored use with fitted pins.

Aloxid clichés/Plates

Ceramic Clichés/ Plates

“Ceramic” clichés represent a world innovation, once again demonstrating the innovative market-leading role of us.
After extensive materials research, we  successfully put the “ceramic” cliché into series production. It is now a very popular choice among customers.
The “ceramic” cliché is distinguished by unsurpassed performance, lightweight design, no risk of corrosion and resistance to acid.
Ideal for line motifs.

The “micro-Laser” cliché band was developed by us  especially for use in the “CTP” & "Hybrid" machine series. The machine series makes it possible through an integrated laser component to produce a cliché ready for print directly in the tampon printing machine for immediate use. There is no need to change the ink /doctoring cup for this process.
The “micro-Laser” cliché is a 25 m cliché band coated with a special lacquer developed by us.

Micro-Laser clichés/Plates

Micro-Laser cliché

 Micro-Laser cliché offers you the latest in development in the area of laser engraved
clichés. In contrast to the aloxid cliché, the “micro-Laser” cliché is magnetic.
TAMPOPRINT also developed the special lacquer coating
for this purpose. Depending on the application, the “micro-laser” cliché is available with a lacquer coating (corresponds to the engraving depth) of 15 μm or 20 μm.
High-quality line motifs and grid motifs are produced with a laser system by layer removal.
The “micro-laser” cliché is available for all common commercial standard tampon printing machines, as a cliché that is ready for print or unprocessed.

The environmental awareness and hence the resulting demands on our products are steadily increasing. Also the cliché production is concerned.
That‘s why our clients asked for an alternative to the present alcohol washable „ Magnet-Screen-Cliché
The new water washable „Magnet Aqua cliché“. A new product which fulfills the high quality demands made on a cliché plate at any time.
The production process of the cliché plate is very simple and almost equivalent to the „Magnet-Screen-Cliché“. Only the wash-out medium alcohol is replaced by water.

Magnet Aqua cliché

Categories of Plates
Plate type Life *(no. of print) Size Etching
Ceramic Plate >100 million All sizes of Tampoprint systems available, others on request


Thin imported metal plate > 50,000 All sizes of Tampoprint systems available, others on request

Laser/Photochemical etching

Thin Imported water washable Nylo plates > 20,000 All sizes of Tampoprint systems available, others on request

Water washable

Thin Ceramic coated aluminum plates > 1,00,000 All sizes of Tampoprint systems available, others on request


Thin metal aluminum plates > 20,000 All sizes of Tampoprint systems available, others on request


Conventional 10mm-11mm ,Thick hardened plates 1 million All sizes of Tampoprint systems available, others on request

Laser/Photochemical etching

Rollers >1.5 million All sizes of Tampoprint systems available, others on request

Laser/Photochemical etching

Note: * Life of the plates/Clichés also depend on the method of staking and condition maintained in the work place.


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